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Sensor Alignment Near El Casco | Yucaipa, CA

Sensor Alignment

Customer Issue: Mrs. Goodwin had been working in her garage and accidentally stumbled and bumped into one of her garage door sensors. She had worries that her cat wouldn’t be safe around the door any longer because of this.
Our Solution: We tested for ourselves, and found that Mrs. Goodwin’s sensor had indeed been knocked out of alignment. Our professionals completed precise measurements across the door to find the angle that it needed to be returned to. We adjusted the sensor, then completed further testing to make certain that it now worked safely.

Faith Goodwin - El Casco
Garage Door Opener Repair | Greenspot | Yucaipa, CA

Garage Door Opener Repair

Customer Issue: The customer’s automatic garage door opener started up normally, but then ground to a halt after just a few seconds. It then closed the door before it could get very high.
Our Solution: The source of the noise led our team into the opener motor, where they found a tangle in the drive chain where it looped around its spindle. Removing and reinstalling the chain, and lubricating the stressed garage door opener motor parts adjacent to it, restored the unit to its proper functioning.

Carlin Wellbeck - Greenspot
Spring Replacement Project | Garage Door Repair Yucaipa, CA

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: One of the customer’s extension springs was visibly twisted and deformed. She contacted us as soon as she noticed the problem.
Our Solution: Our team unplugged the opener and locked the door in an open position, and had Ms. Diamond take her car out of the garage. Then, we eased both extension springs loose and replaced them both (as is recommended) before reconnecting the system for testing. The reason we replaced both was that this these units are always installed in a pair, and only replacing one could create a lot of problems and can cause the door to become unbalanced.

Marina Diamond - Oak Glen
Garage Door Off Track | Garage Door Repair Yucaipa, CA

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: Garage door had shifted off the track.
Our Solution: We located the spot in particular where the wheels were no longer inside the track as they should after disconnecting the door from the opener. Then, we pried them back into their proper place.

Summer Shimada - Yucaipa
Panel Replacement | Garage Door Repair Yucaipa, CA

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: Broken panel.
Our Solution: We had the new panel on hand and ready to go before disconnecting the door from the opener and otherwise. After removing the bolts to take off the damaged panel, we aligned the new one to install it in.

Kyle Mori - Calimesa
Amarr Garage Door Installation | Garage Door Repair Yucaipa, CA

Amarr Garage Door Installation

Customer Issue: Needed a new garage door installed.
Our Solution: We disconnected the customer's original door from the system carefully before removing it. Afterward, we got the new Amarr Heritage garage door installed and connected to the opener and rest of the system.

Gabby Chao - Yucaipa

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